Our occupational therapy Los Angeles office knows how important your child’s fine motor skills are. They are dedicated to finding the best solutions for any motor skill setbacks your child may have. Here is a list of fine motor skills that our occupational therapy Los Angeles specialist suggests your child should be able to do.

Age: 0-3 months

  • Uncontrolled arm movements
  • Following movements with their eyes
  • Ability to hold objects in their hands

Age: 3-6 months

  • Using both hands to reach for objects
  • Moving objects from either hand
  • Noticing objects that are farther away

Age 6-9 months

  • Holding an object while looking for another
  • Using index finger to poke objects
  • Bringing objects to their mouth
  • Ability to hold bottle

Age 9-12 months

  • Attempting to feed themselves with their fingers
  • Grabbing objects with thumb and finger
  • Holding multiple objects in one hand
  • Prefers one hand over the other

Occupational Therapy Los Angeles

Age 12-18 months

  • Building towers at least 2 blocks in height
  • Ability to wave goodbye
  • Ability to scoop with a shovel or spoon
  • Ability to clap both hands together

Age 18 months-2 years

  • Trying to correctly holding crayons
  • Scribbling with pencil or crayon
  • Building tower at least 3 blocks high
  • Ability to use scissors to cut paper
  • Turning pages one at a time

Age 2 years

  • Ability to mold with clay or play dough
  • Ability to turn doorknobs
  • Washes hands independently
  • Building towers at least 9 blocks high

If you have any questions regarding your child’s fine motor skills, please contact the occupational therapy Los Angeles office today. They can help your child with any occupational therapy needs. The occupational therapy Los Angeles specialist wants you to feel comfortable asking questions about any concerns you may have.

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