Developmental delays vary in speech, cognitive and motor skills. How would you know if your child has a developmental delay? Our occupational therapy Los Angeles specialist shares major signs of developmental delays in children.

For all of the first-time parents reading this, don’t worry! Most developmental delays are not serious and will correct themselves in time. Here are some warning signs of developmental delays in children up to age two:

Speech & Language Delay

This type of delay is very common in toddlers and will most likely subside quickly. If you find other parents bragging about their children speaking at a young age do not worry! A few months difference is not significant and your child will catch up before you know it. However, if your child is having hearing issues you should check into it.

Signs of Language Delay:

  • By age 3 – 4 months, doesn’t babble, copy sounds, or react to loud noises
  • By age 7 months, doesn’t react to sounds at all
  • By age 1 year, doesn’t use any single words
  • By age 2 years, cannot speak 15 words

Motor Skills Delay

Don’t worry if your child hasn’t started walking when other babies have. However, if you notice your child having difficulty holding a spoon, you want to investigate if they have a fine motor skills delay. Gross motor skills delay refers to an ability to walk or crawl. Physical therapy is usually recommended for gross motor skills.

Signs of Motor Skills Delay:

  • By age 3 – 4 months, doesn’t reach, grab, or hold objects
  • By age 7 months, does not roll over, sit up without help, or actively reach objects
  • By age 1 year, cannot crawl or stand up supported
  • By age 18 months, cannot walk or push a wheeled toy

Cognitive Delay

If your child has a problem with thinking, they could have a cognitive developmental delay usually caused by lead poisoning, ADHD, ASD, or a genetic disorder. Early intervention and treatment are important to combat cognitive delays.

Signs of Cognitive Delay:

  • By age 1 year, doesn’t use gestures, point to objects, or wave
  • By age 2 years, doesn’t copy actions, words, or instructions and has trouble using common items

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Our occupational therapy Los Angeles team hopes these signs can help you determine whether your child should see their pediatrician.

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